How to sign up for a Meet

To register for an event you are required to be registered with the club by contacting us. You will then be given a login which you can use to register for one of our Meets.


To sign up for a Swim Meet

A ‘Swim Meet’ refers to the swimming competition or gala

An ‘event’ refers to the race being swum, for example ‘50m free’


1. Visit the Events page and click on the 'swim meet' name to find all of the details relating to that particular meet. These will include:

  • the meet conditions
  • the schedule of events
  • qualifying times if applicable 
  • squads that are eligible to enter
  • entry fees
  • payment details
  • closing date
  • any extra details that are relevant to particular squads , eg coaches may specify a maximum or minimum number of events that may be entered, or they may specify particular events that may or may not be entered for their squad

Please read all of these carefully before choosing your events.

2. Click on the Attend/ Decline button and enter your club login information (Email and password) then click 'Login'.


3. Click on your child's name and a drop down menu will appear. Scroll down the page, and select either 'Yes, please sign .... up for this event" or 'No, thanks  ....... will NOT attend this event". You can also add any notes to the box below whilst on this page.

4. If you have selected 'Yes' then a list of the events will appear.

Level 4 Meets (low level meets) will not have any qualifying times. You can enter your child in to any of the events as long as you have followed the conditions for that particular Meet. (see point 1)

Level 3, Level 2 and Level 1 Meets will have qualifying times. If your child is eligible to swim in an event it will appear in BLACK and you CAN tick the box next to it. If your child does not have the qualifying time then the event will appear in RED and your child cannot enter that event, so DO NOT tick the box next to it. If the event has NT (No Time) then you cannot enter that event either, as qualification times will not have been met.


5. Some Meets may be both a Level 3 and a Level 2 Meet. If this is the case then each event will be listed twice. A Level 3 event will have a slower qualifying time and the event number will begin with a 3, for example '302 50 free'. A Level 2 event will have a faster qualifying time and the event number will begin with a 2, for example '202 50 free'. In this case, you will only be able to enter the event that is BLACK, an event in RED indicates that your child is not eligible to enter the event at that level.

6. Once you have ticked the boxes for the events that your child wishes to enter, finish up by clicking on 'Save Changes' on the bottom right of the page.

7. Shortly after entering the events, you will receive a confirmation email listing the events that your child is entered in. Please get in to the habit of printing this list out for your child to have on poolside at the Meet.


Additional Information

  • You can go back on to the website and makes changes up until the closing date. After this date has passed, you will not be able to make any changes.
  • All entries are checked after the closing date. On occasions, the coaches may make changes if the conditions of the event have not been adhered to, or if they feel that other events may be more suitable. If this does happen you will be informed of any changes by your coach.
  • Once entries are accepted, you will be billed for your entered events. Please make sure that you decline the Meet to avoid being billed unnecessarily.
  • Once billed, please pay for the events via the postbox at Haute Vallee or via online banking. All payments are to be made to Tigers, even when clubs other than Tigers organise the Meet.