The Club can only run on a stable, long-term basis with the help of volunteers. Those volunteers supplement our coaching and teaching staff in a number of areas that helps us to:-

  • Provide lifeguards at training sessions;
  • Stage our programme of meets throughout the season
  • Manage the Club effectively through Committees and working groups
  • Complete Club admin including the website and social networks and
  • Arrange social events, provide a Club Shop and raise funds

We always need new volunteers to come forwards and we would appreciate you giving a little of your time to help the Club and to spread the workload.

There is an imbalance at the moment with some parents putting in 100hrs plus of volunteering every year just to keep the Club running effectively. We also rely on a number of people who no longer swim themselves and no longer have children swimming with the Club.

We would like more volunteers to come forwards and get involved in the Club. It is rewarding to put something back and it helps you, as a parent, to get much closer to the sport that your children enjoy participating in.